Tybee Night

Summer is definitely on the way. When I stepped outside today, the air wrapped around me like a warm blanket. It felt so good. I know it may only be a matter of days before it transitions into sweltering, oppressive heat and humidity – but I’m enjoying it for now.
Lee and I headed to Tybee for dinner tonight, just because we wanted to enjoy the good weather. We ate at one of our favorite beachside dives, North Beach Grill. I think the sand gnats ate more of us than we did of our meals, but we enjoyed it anyway. We thought about Anna and Jason, and how they were with us the last time we ate there, and started scheming about ways to go visit them someday soon.
Then we walked on the sand for a while and enjoyed the breeze and the view. I’m happy the days are getting longer, because there are still a few hours of daylight when I get off work. It somehow makes it easier to get out and do stuff, rather than holing up indoors. As we headed back to our car, a tour bus pulled up, and I was reminded again how lucky I am to live in a place people would pay just for a chance to visit.