A Good Weekend

I know it is Tuesday night already, but I’m just finding time to write about what a good weekend I had. Friday night, Lee and I celebrated our dating anniversary. Our first date was on Friday the 13th in May of 1994, and we’ve always said Friday the 13th is a good day. It’s not often that May 13th falls on a Friday, so we had to celebrate.
We had dinner at the new Mansion on Forsyth. What a fantastic place. It’s an old home that has been many other things, and is now a fancy restaurant and bar attached to an equally fancy hotel. Savannah’s only 5 star hotel as a matter of fact. It is on the edge of Forsyth Park, and we ate in a sunroom with nice views onto the grassy lawn. The service was great, and while we felt the menu was a little limited, the food was good. The company was the very best part. I’m looking forward to going back some time and visiting the bar. There are tables and chairs on an upstairs terrace where you can sit outside, listen to jazz music, sip a cocktail and admire the view. We wandered around the lobby a little, and were very impressed. We’ll be back.
Saturday we looked at 2 houses, and were not as impressed. One was very cute, but too small. One was plenty large enough, but in terrible shape. Neither were the right house. So we called our realtor. That was kind of scary. Exciting, but scary. Buying and selling and moving are all such big, stressful things.
Sunday, we spent three glorious hours at the beach. It’s finally warm enough for laying out, although still too cold for me to enjoy the water. I stretched my towel out on the sand and took a nap. I love waking up, blinking in the sun and trying to figure out for a second where I am, only to hear the waves and realize I’m napping on the beach. That’s a nice thing to wake up to.
Too quickly, the weekend was over. But I’m looking forward to this next one too, because we’re headed to Miami to see Erin and Dave. Good times.