I’m so glad Lee and I have been to the beach several times already this season. Usually fall comes, and I suddenly wonder where the summer went and why I didn’t spend more of it at the beach.
Today, we went with Nikki, Andrew, and Nia. Nia had such a good time, and we had fun watching her. She began the day a little scared of the ocean, but a few hours later, she was sitting in the shallow water, squealing and laughing every time a wave washed over her.
Tomorrow I have to work, but I’m hoping to get off an hour or so early because Lee and I are going with the realtor to look at houses. Lee and I have been driving around and checking out some of the listings she has recommended. We’ve put together a list of about 10 we want to actually see inside tomorrow. All this house stuff is exciting, but stressful too. I am reading “Under the Tuscan Sun,” and I felt these lines describe well what I’m feeling:
“You have to churn somewhat when the roof covering your head is at stake, since to sell is to walk away from a cluster of memories and to buy is to choose where the future will take place. And the place, never neutral of course, will cast its influence.”