Two Days Left

It’s a little strange. I have only seven emails in my inbox at work. Usually, I try to keep it just under 100. I save emails I think I’ll need for future stories, etc., and since I only have two days left at this job, I’ve begun purging my email. And my paper files. Oh the paper files. I had to work over the weekend and I filled two trash cans with all the paperwork I’d been saving just in case some issue or controversy was renewed and I needed background info. Most of the paperwork was from stories I didn’t enjoy, so it felt rather liberating to toss them away.
But there are still plenty of people and stories and issues I’ll miss. Mostly the people – coworkers and the community members I’ve come to know through my job. The nice thing is that since I’m not leaving town nor leaving the business entirely, I’ll still see these people. Just not with the regularity I do now.
Even though this is a huge change, I haven’t been focusing on it as much as I thought I would. There are other distractions – like serious house hunting. We’ve found one we really like, and may make a move on it soon. We also have to finish getting our house ready. We put freon in the AC, Lee touched up some places where paint was peeling, and tomorrow we’re going to have a leaky pipe fixed. Then next week we’ll probably stick a sign in the grass and see what happens.
I also have our upcoming trip to look forward too. We’re leaving tomorrow for Myrtle Beach to celebrate our anniversary a little early. We’re going this weekend because we’re seeing The Killers at the House of Blues Friday night. I’m really looking forward to a weekend with Lee on the beach. We got a hotel with ocean views and a balcony, so maybe we can wake up listening to the waves.