It has been such a busy week – one with lots going on and not enough time to write about any of it.
Last weekend Lee and I went to Myrtle Beach. Our hotel was great, with a balcony overlooking the ocean. We played putt-putt, rented beach chairs and an umbrella for most of Saturday, then went to see The Killers at the House of Blues. The concert was incredible, and the venue was a lot of fun too. It reminded me of seeing bands in college – when you have to elbow people for a decent view of the stage, inhale way too much second-hand smoke, and catch glimpses of the performers between the swaying heads and shoulders in front of you. We managed to find a good spot, and could see and hear well, despite the screaming middle schoolers beside us who knew every word to every song and had choreographed dances too.
Tuesday was my last day at work, and it really hasn’t sunken in yet. There was a good-bye cake and a card (how many times have I signed those cards for other people? It was strange getting my own, but very nice), then we all ate Mexican food Tuesday night to celebrate. Mom flew down, and we spent most of Wednesday roasting on the beach. Thursday we looked at more houses and did a little shopping. Right now it doesn’t feel like I’ve quit my job, it just feels like vacation. I think it’ll really start feeling different when I begin my new job in a week.
Friday we all headed up to Atlanta to see my brother and his fiance and my dad drove down to join us. It was really good to see everyone – it had been way too long since we visited Atlanta. We got to see my brother’s new house, sit on his back patio and watch the fireflies. I swear there were so many it looked like the trees were wrapped in blinking white Christmas lights. Beautiful.
We also saw several other friends and their new digs. Speaking of new houses, we’re still on a mission to find our next hacienda. There have been 2 we’ve been close to putting an offer on, only to find out that someone beat us to it. The lesson we’ve learned is that when we find a house we think we want, we need to just go for it. Homes are getting snatched up so quickly.
Ours isn’t on the market yet, but we already have someone coming to see it Tuesday. The person is a friend of a friend of our realtor, and heard the house might be coming on the market soon and is very interested. How great would it be to get a good offer on the house without having to even put a sign in the yard and a lockbox on the door? Rock on.
We’re going to look at 5 houses tomorrow. Maybe one of these will be right. Fingers crossed.
And last but certainly not least – it’s Father’s Day and I’ve been thinking about my great dad. I am very lucky to be his daughter.