One Down… ? To Go

I was just pulling the bathmat out of the dryer and dashing to toss it on the bathroom floor when the first of our potential home buyers pulled into our driveway. 5 minutes early. How dare they!? I needed every precious second even though all I’d been doing for the past 36 hours was clean, clean, clean. Or at least it felt that way.
Lee and I sat on the porch while they toured the house, wishing we could listen in. We’ve been watching those TV shows about selling your house – the ones where hidden cameras and microphones are set up during open houses so you can hear all the insulting things people say about a house. Did they love it? Hate it? I need feedback!
They stayed about 30-40 minutes, which I thought was a good sign. My realtor told me the house showed well, but alas, it doesn’t sound like a match. We only have one bathroom and (I found out WAY too much about these people) the girl has IBS and was afraid she’d need to use the john and it wouldn’t be available. Nothing I can do about that except offer her some immodium and my condolences.
Meanwhile, we looked at several houses earlier in the week and found one possibility. Tonight we’re going to look at another. From what I’ve heard about it and what I’ve seen from the outside, it has a lot of potential – but you never know until you get inside the house. And already there has been drama. It’s a “for sale by owner,” but the woman told us it was okay for our realtor to show it to us. Then our realtor called her to set up the showing and they got into a fight because while it was okay for our realtor to show us the house, the seller didn’t intend to give her any sort of commission. Blah blah blah. There are so many rules of etiquette with this real estate game – give me a break. Hopefully it’s a game we won’t have to play too terribly much longer.