Ohmygosh There’s a Sign in my Yard

I find myself staring out our front window a lot tonight, watching the cars go by. All those cars are riding by our newly planted “for sale” sign. Holy cow.
Lee and I found the house we want. It’s a great two-story brick in the neighborhood we like. It was built in 1930 (it’s a whole four years newer than our current house!) and has a lot of those great old details we love. Two parks are within walking distance – including the park which is home to the Savannah Sand Gnats baseball team. We’re putting an offer on the house tomorrow. I’ve been telling myself not to get my hopes up because we don’t have a contract yet – but it’s too late for that. My hopes are up, and we’ve already been to Home Depot to research what new cabinets we want in the kitchen. It’s such a cute house, and it feels like home. It feels like us.
But that means we have to sell our house – and now. This afternoon, our realtor stuck the sign in the yard and put some info sheets in the box. Lee was outside doing yardwork, and within 20 minutes the first person had stopped by to snag a flyer. Several more followed.
Later, I looked out the window and saw someone talking to our neighbor, flyer in hand. I hoped the neighbor was saying all sorts of wonderful things about the area – which I think he will. He’s lived here for the last 400 years or something. He has been such a good neighbor and I felt bad telling him we were leaving, but he took it well.
Now comes the real test- can we keep this house in pristine condition for weeks or months at a time? It’s not like we live in a pig sty or anything, but now the house will have to be ready to show all the time. It’ll be good for us though, and maybe we’ll be even better housekeepers at our new abode.
As I’ve always said, it will be hard to leave this house. But I hope it can be a great home for the next owners too, while we work to make our next house just as special.