My First Day

First days are always long – my mama told me so when I was in school, and the same is true for new jobs. Today was no exception, but it was still a very good day.
It started out a little crazy because there was some confusion as to where I was supposed to report and I was terrified of being late. But it worked out fine, and the first pleasant surprise of the morning was my introduction to my office. I’ve never had my very own office. Not only do I have four walls and a door, I have two great big windows, 2 desks, a bookshelf, another storage unit, and a tall filing cabinet. I know that’s not the most important thing about a job or career, but it was pretty freaking cool to shut the door and sit behind the desk in my office.
I was nervous and caught myself missing the comfort of a familiar place and people. But I met a bunch of new people, and they all seemed really nice. I accompanied my new boss to a meeting, which was a little weird. The meeting was full of people I’ve known through my previous job, and I think they were all a little confused to see me there. But once they figured out which side of the table I was on (literally and figuratively), they relaxed and welcomed me.
After more introductions and training, I spent a couple of hours ordering supplies and arranging my office. I was unpacking some boxes left by the previous occupant when a co-worker stuck her head in the door and said, “Now don’t work too hard on your first day.” I looked at the clock. 5:03. I decided to follow her out, and as I turned off the light and shut the door, I realized we were the only two people left on our hall. I’m sure there are plenty of days when people have to work a little late, but it was nice to be heading home at the same time of day that I’d be completely stressed out at my old job.
I think I will like this new career, but it’s too soon to tell. After all, I haven’t really done anything yet. Eventually, the newness of my office will wear off and the freedom of the 5:00 quit time will feel less special, and I hope that’s when I’ve gotten deeper into my actual work and I hope I’ll find it rewarding. Until then, I’m going to enjoy buying plants for my new workspace because I finally have room!