Sell This House

When I looked at our Tivo tonight and saw it was recording another episode of “sell this house,” I was not surprised. We’ve been watching an awful lot of that show, along with “designed to sell” – shows where people turn their crappy homes into real estate money makers.
Tips from the show inspired us to sell off some of our older furniture in a yard sale this weekend. We didn’t make megabucks, but we got rid of a lot of stuff.
Meanwhile, the house showed about twice a day for the first week, but it has been quiet for the past few days. Boo. And we agreed on a sale price for the home we want to buy a week ago, but still don’t have a signed contract. The lady selling the house is going to give me an ulcer by the time this is done.
But on a positive note, I’m still enjoying my new job. The first week went well, and after a long holiday weekend and a day out of town in orientation, I’m looking forward to going to the office tomorrow.
But I’ll keep my personal cell phone handy. Maybe the realtor will call. Maybe it’ll be good news…