The Offer

I was just pulling into the driveway after work when my cell phone rang. It was our real estate agent, and she said, “I have good news.” The words I have been waiting to hear! “An agent is bringing me an offer on your house.”
And it’s a good offer. We are still countering, but it’s an offer we can work with. I was afraid it would be a ridiculous low-ball offer that would be insulting – but it’s not.
We’re still a long way from being handed a new set of keys. Our counter has to be accepted, our house has to pass an inspection, on and on and on, but we’re a lot closer than we were a few hours ago. And it’s just a good feeling to know someone else out there thinks your house is worth something. Because we sure do.
I’m trying not to get my hopes up too high because the deal is still in the works, but at least we have a deal in the works. We left the meeting with our real estate agent and drove by what we hope is our soon-to-be-new-house, and I couldn’t help but feel excited.