A Big Step Closer

They signed our counter-offer. Ohmygoodness they signed our counter-offer! Lee and I broke out a bottle of our favorite wine and talked about all the things we love about the new house and all the projects we plan to do to make it even more adorable.
I’m officialy in high-hopes mode, although there is still one seemingly large obstacle keeping me from completely celebrating. Our current house still has to pass inspection. It’s 79 years old – let’s face it, there will be a few issues. The termite guy came and didn’t find any evidence of termite infestation, which was a big relief. A wood frame house in the south is always a bit of a risk. Now I just hope the regular home inspection goes as well.
Once we’ve cleared that hurdle, I might pee my pants. Except I won’t have time to pee my pants, because we’ll have to start packing our entire house because we’ll be moving 2 weeks later! Bring it on!