House Woes

The good news is… our new house will have a gigantic backyard, a fountain and pond, a pool, tennis courts, and a basketball court. Our new house will be a little small, but the yard will have a playground, and even a baseball stadium.
The bad news is… I’m beginning to think our new house will be a cardboard box in Daffin Park.
Things really seemed to be going well, but over the last few days the sale hit a snag. The deal hasn’t completely crumbled yet, but if we can still even work it out, it probably won’t be as sweet a deal as we’d thought because the appraiser is causing some trouble.
It’s disturbing because we don’t want to lose the contract on our current house, and we especially don’t want to lose the contract on the house we hope to move into. It’s also disturbing because we love our current house so much and think it’s worth a billion dollars, and it’s hard to hear someone questioning the value of our home.
I’m trying not to freak out yet, but I’m not being very successful. I’m hope we’ll know more tomorrow. Fingers and toes are crossed.