Month: September 2005

A Hungry House

I was watching yet another home improvement show when a homeowner made a very wise remark. “This is a hungry house. Every time we get a spare $100, it wants $500.” I can identify. But, I knew this… Read More

Goings On

I haven’t been writing much lately, but not because there’s been little going on. I’ve just been too hot and sweaty, too covered in paint, or on the road. But that’s okay, because I finally feel like we’re… Read More


I’ve been avoiding writing for a little while, because the Hurricane Katrina aftermath has been so disturbing. There is a lot I think and feel about all of it, but anything I might say has already been said…. Read More

I am heartbroken by what I’m seeing and hearing out of New Orleans and the entire Gulf Coast region. A friend contacted Lee earlier today with an idea for bringing together the people who want to help with… Read More