I’ve been avoiding writing for a little while, because the Hurricane Katrina aftermath has been so disturbing. There is a lot I think and feel about all of it, but anything I might say has already been said. And probably said better. By the mayor of New Orleans.
The storm was tragic enough, but I feel our government’s response to it was its own tragedy and a national disgrace. It has shaken my faith in my government’s ability to care for me, too. When the tsunami happened, I remember thinking, “How awful for those countries, without strong and able governments to help them through the crisis. At least if that happened here, we would be able to take care of ourselves.” But now I know that’s not true.
I ache for all the people in the gulf coast region – those who lost loved ones, homes, jobs, nearly everything. Even if they escaped with their lives, life won’t be normal for them for a very long time, if ever. I wish there were more I could do. I wish I could trust my government to do what’s right.