Goings On

I haven’t been writing much lately, but not because there’s been little going on. I’ve just been too hot and sweaty, too covered in paint, or on the road. But that’s okay, because I finally feel like we’re making some progress on the house.
Tomorrow, a new AC company is coming to replace our outdoor unit. It’ll be expensive – but seems cheap in comparison to the other company we’ve been using which swore we needed a completely new system. After we’d already given them serious dollars to fix our old one. Which they inspected before we bought the house. This time, we got a second opinion, and I’m very glad, because living without upstairs AC has not been cool. Literally.
We are still kitchen-less, but we will be getting the final of three quotes tomorrow. Of course, they’re all too expensive, but I’m still excited about the prospect of a brand new kitchen. This weekend, we’re going to choose which contractor we’ll go with, and do a little more demolition on our old kitchen. We’re going to tear down the plaster around an old chimney to expose the brick in one corner of the room. Could be fun. Could be scary. Could uncover loads of problems – but it could also look really nice.
On another note, I’ve forgiven the school across the street for a little while. During the mornings and afternoons, our street is clogged with mini-vans dropping off or picking up children. Sometimes I have to wait a little before I can back out, and the road is converted to one-way. Cars park so close to the driveway that I can sometimes barely get out without taking a bumper with me. I felt like the school had little regard for the fact that it was in the middle of a residential area.
But when we returned home from being in Miami this weekend, there was a pretty potted violet on our front porch wtih a note from the school attached, thanking the everyone for being good neighbors. The little gesture went a long way.