Month: October 2005

Happy Halloween!

“Ohhhh, you’re an angel!” I wasn’t sure if the trick-or-treater was referring to the fact that I was shoveling large amounts of candy into her bag, or my costume. The comment was probably prompted by my wings and… Read More

A Welcome Eyesore

It has begun. Earlier this week, a dumpster appeared in our driveway. It’s ugly. It’s smelly. But it’s a welcome sight because it means construction on our new kitchen is beginning. Saturday morning, the crew arrived. Two days… Read More

The Office Clepto

One very nice thing about a new job is that you have a fresh start. No one in the office knows you, and you can build good relationships from scratch. One bad thing about a new job is… Read More

I Survived the Trip Down Memory Lane

I finally decided on a simple black dress. A knee length number with a bias cut and an asymmetrical hemline. Dressy enough to say, “I care.” Simple enough to say, “I don’t care too much.” When Lee and… Read More


Finally, I feel like we’re making progress on our kitchen. No work has begun, but we’ve decided on a contractor and have started picking out items for the new room. We’ve selected our cabinets, countertops, flooring and backsplash,… Read More