A Welcome Eyesore

It has begun.
Earlier this week, a dumpster appeared in our driveway. It’s ugly. It’s smelly. But it’s a welcome sight because it means construction on our new kitchen is beginning.
Saturday morning, the crew arrived. Two days later, they’ve ripped out the old pantry, taken down a wall, framed in a doorway, repaired the hole in our floor, prepped two walls for sheetrock, installed casing for future electrical outlets, and installed 6 can lights.
Here’s a view of the back wall, which is ready for sheetrock:
A wall used to separate this area from the door beyond:
And I get so excited to turn on these lights! It’s the one part of the kitchen that looks nearly complete:
It may be a while before any more work is done. Everything has been ordered, but it takes time for the tiles, cabinets, etc. to come in. But I’m so excited that progress is being made, and we’re another day closer to having a kitchen again!