Happy Halloween!

“Ohhhh, you’re an angel!”
I wasn’t sure if the trick-or-treater was referring to the fact that I was shoveling large amounts of candy into her bag, or my costume. The comment was probably prompted by my wings and halo, but I know when I was younger the candy would’ve been just cause for flattery.
This is our first Halloween in our new neighborhood, and I’m almost out of candy. That’s a great problem though. We had the occasional trick-or-treater in our old hood, but not many. And most that did come by weren’t in costume. We’ve had a couple of those tonight, but most have been decked out in their ghoulish best. They also seem surprised and pleased to find an adult answering the door in costume. I’m enjoying it myself – why should they have all the fun? Sure my cheap wings are dropping glitter all over EVERYTHING, but it’s worth it.
Most of the children have been very polite, although some required prompting from parents. There were twins who came to the door just a few minutes ago, about 3 years old. The first approached, and when I put the candy in his bag his dad asked, “What do you say?”
The little boy replied, “Thank you.”
Then his brother walked forward, and as I put the candy in his bag he simply looked up at me over his pile of pixy stix and lollipops and said, “I’m so tired.”
I thought, “Well, eat some pixy stix and you’ll feel better,” but instead I just laughed and told him Happy Halloween. I’m sure he’ll be bouncing off the walls soon enough.
We’re down to 5 pieces of candy, so we’ll have to turn off the porch light soon. Next year I’ll know to buy more (and not eat so much of it myself). Meanwhile, I’m quite proud of my little pumpkin display on the front steps. Even though Halloween will be over soon, I’m hoping I can keep them out there as “fall decorations.” They’re just so festive!