Not Just My Imagination

For years, I’d been highlighting my hair blond. Finally, about a year ago, I decided the blond was washing me out and I wanted to go back to being naturally brunette. I was surprised by how much I liked the results. Not only do I like my natural color, I like not having to pay to have my hair highlighted. It’s not cheap.
But since I ceased the highlighting, I’ve noticed more and more gray hairs. I think they were gradually increasing in number for years, but were hidden by the highlighting. Now, they seem to stand out to me even more against my darker hair.
I’ve been whining about them to family members for a while, but none of them seemed to think they were really noticeable (or so they said). Not wanting to go back to dying my hair, I decided it was really not as bad as it seemed.
Today, I was standing next to a friend I hadn’t seen in a little while, when he leaned over and whispered, “You’ve got some gray in your hair.”
I guess it’s time to give in to the dye bottle. I’ll try to find something close to my natural color, but it kind of creeps me out. It’s like I’ve moved past a time in life when my hair was just fine without help. Now I have to take measures to avoid looking “older.”
The good thing is, I don’t feel old. My hair just didn’t get the memo, and that must be corrected.