Extremely Slow Home Makeover

I feel a little bit like the people on Extreme Home Makeover who are sent away for a week while a crew rebuilds their home. We’re headed back to Savannah tomorrow after a week away – during which workers have continued to put up sheetrock and beadboard in our kitchen. Tomorrow morning, they’ll begin hanging cabinets, and the room will really start to take shape. I’m very excited to get home and see what has been accomplished.
But unlike the TV show, the only things that seem to be extreme about our home makover are the price and the sloth-like pace of the progress. While the crews on the show (granted, they work 24 hours a day in teams of 100) can build an entire home in a week, I’m just crossing my fingers for sheetrock and beadboard.
But it’s a great sign that the cabinets are going up. Our appliances will be delivered on Thursday which means we’ll finally trade our dorm fridge for a grown-up refrigerator. With ice. Blessed, blessed ice. Once the cabinets are in, they measure for the countertops. A couple weeks of waiting, then the countertops go in and they supposedly start with the finishing touches.
I’m so excited, and soooo ready.