When we opened the door to our home yesterday, I craned my neck and around the hallway could see the edge of a cabinet. Lee and I raced to the kitchen and turned on the lights, then like kids with a new toy, we started opening all the drawers and doors while I giggled and jumped up and down. When we picked out the color, wood species and door type, it was a little hard to imagine what it would look like in our kitchen. But we are very pleased with our choices so far.
There are still a lot of things we have to keep imagining – like the tile backsplash and paint on the walls. We’d hoped to begin painting this week so we could go ahead and put the appliances in, but the sheetrock guy seems to still be taking a holiday break.
Which means it’s good news and bad news that our appliances arrived today. It’s great news because as soon as we are ready, we can slip the beautiful fridge in it’s space and start enjoying cold ice and drinks. However, It’s bad news because we aren’t ready so the fridge, stove, microwave and dishwasher have now taken over our dining room, like so:
While progress is being made on our kitchen, the rest of our house is quickly devolving into madness. A thick layer of construction dust coats everything, and boxes, tools, and supplies are stacked everywhere. It’s enough to make me crazy – until I stand on my new tile, admire my new cabinets and hardware, and dream of the finished product. It will be worth it.