The calendar wishes to maintain that spring doesn’t arrive for a week and a half. But 3 clues tell me otherwise.
1. The azaleas are really beginning to bloom. Lee took the above photo at dusk in our backyard a few days ago as the first blossoms opened.
2. The water in the Forsyth Park fountain is green.
3. I have a sunburn.
The weather has been incredible this weekend. 80 degrees with a cool breeze and a ton of sunshine. More neighbors than usual are walking dogs, pushing strollers, or riding their bikes along my street. Forsyth Park is packed with people playing sports, taking pictures, sunbathing and sightseeing. It seemed like just a few days ago, the first azalea blooms opened, and now the entire town is erupting in pink. The flowers haven’t peaked yet, but they’re obviously enjoying the sunshine too.
My mom came to visit this weekend while Lee’s away at a conference. It was so good to see her. She likes the outdoors as much as I do, and we took advantage of the two beautiful days. Saturday, we headed out to Tybee, where I had to relearn a lesson I forget every year. Just because it is not yet hot does not mean you will not get a sunburn.
I put some sunscreen on my face when we first arrived, but didn’t reapply during the four hours we sat on the beach talking and being generally lazy. About the time mom walked over to North Beach Grill to buy us 2 pina coladas (one without alcohol of course), I began to wonder if my feet were burning, but dismissed the thought.
Today, I have the strangest markings on my face, arms, and legs. The sun was directly to my right, so any skin on the right side of my body that was not covered by my shorts and T-shirt is burned. I have a red stripe down my nose, a farmer’s tan with half of a red neck, and 2 very red feet. And I have no one to blame but myself. However, while I wish I had applied more sunscreen, I wouldn’t trade the beach time with mom.
Today, we walked around Forsyth Park and through a couple of squares. We spent some time staring at the fountain, which was as green as the lush park grass. On the one hand, it looks kind of gross as the green water washes over the stark white statuary in the fountain. But at the same time, I know it’s a sign of spring, the coming St. Patrick’s Day festival, and in my opinion, some of Savannah’s finest moments. I know the sweltering weather isn’t far behind, but spring in Savannah is glorious. And this weekend, it seemed she was wiping the winter from her eyes and getting dressed in her finest clothes.
Now I’m looking forward to Lee’s return so we can enjoy this together.