Letter to Baby: Ultrasound Day

Hello again little one! I hope you are resting well after your big day. Although I think it was a lot bigger for me and your dad – all you knew was that someone kept squishing you and poking at you this morning, and then mommy spent the rest of the day in a state of euphoria. Did you hear all the squealing and cheering when we told people we got to see pictures of you and you looked wonderful?
See how cute you are!
I was nervous this morning, but you probably already know that. We had an appointment for an ultrasound, and it has been many weeks since we last saw pictures of you. Since then, I’ve hoped and prayed that you were growing well, but today I knew I would get some evidence.
The ultrasound was wonderful. We saw your heart beating, checked out your cute spine again, saw your mouth moving and everything. Once, when I saw you wiggling on screen, I could feel you too. That was very cool.
Toward the end of the ultrasound, the sonographer asked us if we wanted to know if you were a boy or a girl. We did, and every time she’d try to look you’d squirm and kick. But finally, she got a couple of good pictures and told us you are a girl! I couldn’t stop squeezing your daddy’s hand, I was so excited. We would be excited either way, but now I finally get to picture you as our little daughter. I’ve thought about you all day, wondering what you’ll be like. Outside the doctor’s office is a daycare, and the kids were out on the playground as we left. A little girl was swinging, with her pigtails flying behind her, and I smiled while I thought about you. Most of all, I’m so excited that you seem healthy and happy in there – that makes me happy out here.
Your little kicks and punches are getting more frequent now, and your daddy has even felt them too! The first time, it was very subtle. But a couple of nights ago, you were doing your gymnastics while I was reading in bed, and I put your daddy’s hand on my stomach. You were quiet for a few seconds, then gave him a nice thump. You should have seen how big his eyes got! It was so cute!
You are loved very much, little girl.