Letter to Baby: Week 22 (and a half)

Good morning little one! You must be sleepy this morning. Yesterday, you had me worried because you didn’t seem to be wiggling around as much. But you made up for it with your gymnastics before I went to sleep, and your dad says he could feel you bouncing around even after I was sleeping. This morning, you were a regular jumping bean, but now that we’ve had breakfast I guess you’re settling in for a nap.
Over the last week, your daddy and I have had so much fun shopping for you. But a strange thing seems to have happened – something has taken over my brain. Ever since I found out you are a girl, my favorite color is pink and I ADORE ribbons and lace. You have to understand, I’ve never been like this before. I mean, I loved my Cabbage Patch Kids and Barbie dolls as much as the next girl, but I was fairly no-frills.
I always assumed when I had children, the nursery would be decorated with an animal theme. I have long admired the happy giraffes and alligators or puppies and horses on various baby bedding I’ve seen through the years. Well, since our last ultrasound, your daddy and I have visited several baby stores and browsed catalogs online, and new preferences are emerging. It goes something like this:
“This is pretty bedding, I like the giraffes,” I say half-heartedly.
“It’s cute,” he agrees, sort-of.
“Ohhhh, but what about this one??” I ask, wide-eyed and excited. And we run over to another display with a patchwork pattern of cream, light green, and PINK TOILE. And we ohh and awww. I have never been into toile, but suddenly, the serene woodland scenes outlined in delicate pink seem so… sweet. I gasp with delight at another bedding set that features pink silk with cream and brown stripes and lots of ribbons and lace. I can’t get enough of the ribbons and lace.
Who is this person living in my head?
And should I listen to her? For two decades I’ve assumed the nursery would have animals, so could this just be a momentary whim that I will later regret? Or should I embrace this new love for all things pink and girly?
What would you want, little one? The thing is, I know you won’t care as long as it’s soft and warm. I know this nursery business is really for the grown-ups. I can’t help but feel this is an important decision because it sets the tone for your room. But I must remember, the tone isn’t nearly as important as the substance, and that’s you. So no matter what we pick, we’ll love it because you’ll live in it.
I was discussing this with you in the car the other day while I was running an errand. I pulled up to the store, parked, got out of the car and took a few steps when I realized I was still talking to you. I’m sure everyone around thought I was nuts, but I just thought it was funny.
We’ve also had great fun buying clothes for you. We went to visit your Nana and Granddaddy last weekend, and they bought you the most adorable outfit with a matching bib, and Nana just had to get you some precious shoes. She has a thing for shoes, and wanted to be the first to buy you some.
We took this family photo while we were there – see, I can see you (or at least I can see where you are):
We were there for a bridal shower for your Uncle Jeff and soon-to-be Aunt Michelle, and it was great. It had a Mexican theme, and just look at your Granddaddy (I think you’re going to have fun with him!):
We went shopping for you while we were up there, and we both loved picking out clothes for you and imagining you in them. Since we’ve been home, your dad and I always seem to pick up a little something for you when we’re at a store. I’ve hung your clothes in your armoire, and sometimes I’ll open the door and just look at them, hardly able to believe they’re in my house.
Eventually I know you’ll develop your own tastes and styles, but for now, we’re having fun shopping for you – even if my brain has turned into a pink, lacy mush.