A Relaxing Moment, Nearly 5 Years in the Making

In my opinion, there are few things as relaxing as a lying in a hammock. Something about the way it cradles your body as you sit suspended a few feet above the ground on a clear day is so… organic. It’s like being at peace with the universe, as long as the mosquitos aren’t biting.
Today, Lee hung my hammock. And after he tested it out to make sure it wasn’t going to fall (we wouldn’t want the pregnant lady to be the guinea pig on the trial run), I climbed in. My loving husband then got me a book and two popsicles (my favorite food of late), and I was in hammock heaven.
This hammock has a long history. It was one of the first things we purchased after we got married nearly 5 years ago, and was one of our first marital disagreements. We did not go to Pier One in search of a hammock, we were just there to browse. But it was on sale! Lee felt it was unreasonable to buy a hammock when we had no where to put it. I thought it was unreasonable to pass up a sale.
The disagreement was brief, and soon the hammock incident became a source of jokes and amusement. We never did find a good spot for it at our old house, so for four years and through the move, it stayed rolled up in the garage. I’m very happy it never succumbed to mold or critters, and today, with the sun brightly shining and the temperature perfect, Lee found a good spot between two trees and the hammock now has a home.
I read in the hammock for almost 2 hours, with no mosquitos in sight, and would have stayed longer if someone could have wheeled a porta-potty up to the edge. But I’m happy to know I can unfurl the hammock anytime I want, whether to curl up wtih a book, our soon-to-be baby, or just nap. Or all three.