Busy Day

I am exhausted, but pleased. Lee and I had quite a busy day, but accomplished several fun things.
When we got up this morning, before the storms blew in, we readied our application to be on HGTV’s The City Gardener. In just over an hour, we managed to take the necessary photographs of our backyard, write up our request, make a video showing our backyard (not required) and create a website to accompany our application (also not required). The show is usually taped in the UK, but is going on the road for a season in America. The show features makeovers of smaller, urban gardens, and ours desperately needs some help. We’ve seen several episodes, and our yard may be too large, but it seemed worth a try. I know the yard has potential, but we’re currently lacking the energy and the funds to tackle the project alone. Especially the funds. Fingers crossed.
Then after a quick lunch, we headed to 2 different stores to begin registering for baby stuff. It was so much fun! Although, by the time we left the second store, I was dragging. All the merchandise started to blur and it was hard to remember if we’d already registered for those pink socks or flannel receiving blankets.
I enjoyed picking out items like the swing and high chair and stroller and imagining putting our little girl in them. However, the decisions were pretty difficult because what do I know about which kind of car seat is best? Should the swing go side-to-side or back and forth? Or both? Do we want to use pacifiers? We thought registering for our wedding was tough, but choosing between the white china and the off-white china was simply a matter of taste. We’d eaten off plates before, so we knew what to expect. But this baby stuff is completely new.
Luckily, for the car seat question, I was able to call Nikki and get some advice. At other moments, parents came to our rescue without even being asked. We were in the baby bottle aisle, and had a good idea of which type we wanted, but even within that brand there were so many options. We must’ve looked lost, standing there with the scanner in our hand, each holding a box of bottles, glassy-eyed and quiet. A mom walking by stopped and said, “That’s a great brand, and I really like this kind…” She proceeded to explain the whys and hows and before we knew it we had zapped some with our scanner and were on our way. The same thing happened in the diaper aisle, and then I grew brave enough to stop parents as they shopped and ask how they liked the carrier their baby was sitting in.
I’m sure in the next few days, we’ll look over our registries and realize we’ve forgotten something, or added 6 of something that we only needed one of, but at least the fun has begun. Now we’ve got to get serious about the nursery so we’ll have somewhere to put all the stuff this little one needs.