Jeff and Michelle

Last weekend, I watched very proudly as my brother Jeff married Michelle. I really didn’t think I would cry, but the second the chapel doors opened and she began to walk down the aisle, I turned into a blubbering fool. I didn’t even try to wipe away the tears, I just let them fall onto my bouquet. Maybe the flowers needed watering.
Not only was it a beautiful ceremony, but the whole weekend was fantastic. They got married on St. Simons Island, and Lee and I enjoyed being able to get out of town for a little while. My parents got a condo at the King and Prince resort, and we spent the mornings lounging by the pool, reading a book and decompressing from a very busy work week. During the evenings, our condo became the party spot for many of my parents’ friends, which was highly entertaining. It was great to spend time with my family – including my new sister-in-law.
On the day of their wedding, the weather didn’t look so good. The forecast called for severe storms and possible hail and tornadoes. It began raining about an hour before it was time for photographs, but miraculously, just before the photographer arrived the rain stopped. And it didn’t come back. The weather turned beautiful, and the chapel and grounds around Epworth by the Sea provided a great backdrop for pictures. I snapped a few of my own, but I can’t wait to see the professional ones. They took a bunch by the marshes, where a river twisted through golden grasses, with the banks outlined by live oaks dripping with Spanish moss. Michelle looked beautiful.
The wedding itself was a roller coaster of emotions. When my brother choked up during his vows, I think everyone in the chapel reached for a Kleenex. Then when it was Michelle’s turn, she provided the comic relief. After my dad asked her to repeat the vows, “for better or for worse,” she was nervous and got distracted. She turned to him and said, “For WHAT?” But she said it with such a note of incredulity, it almost sounded as if she wasn’t about to agree to this whole “for better or for worse” business. Honestly, I think it was all perfect, from the tears to the laughter to the chapel bell ringing the news as we all left through the big, wooden front doors.
The reception was a lot of fun too, with tons of great food and music (and I hear the drinks were nice…) We danced and ate, and danced and ate, and then ate and danced some more. And I managed to stay in my bridesmaid’s dress the whole night and not change into something more comfortable. It wasn’t a maternity dress, it was just pretending to be one. A big thanks to all the other bridesmaids for being tiny sticks next to my preggie curves. But that’s okay – I honestly wouldn’t trade my big belly for a second, and they were really nice women so I couldn’t hold it against them. And I was very proud to dance with my handsome husband all evening who said all the right things to make me feel beautiful.
The weekend was over too soon, but I’m excited when I look to the future. I think it’s wonderful that my brother has found someone who makes him so happy, and someone we all love too. Our family is growing a lot this year, and I think that growth will bring lots of fun times ahead.