My Sweet, Sweet Volvo

I love my car.
When we bought it, I considered several different cars before finally deciding the Volvo was the one. I liked the style, the comfort, the way it drove, and I also liked that it seemed just a little… different. I liked having a car that was, at least to me, unique.
Over the past year and a half, I’ve tried to baby my car. I take her for all her scheduled services. I get her washed. I try to keep the inside mostly clutter-free, which is a big change from my previous car. I keep leather cleaning wipes in my trunk just in case I get her dirty. I cover the backseat with a blanket when Millie rides so she doesn’t scratch the interior. My hope is that she’ll continue to baby me for many, many years as well.
She proved this to be true last Friday, and reminded me of one of the ways Volvo is just a little different. Lee had to travel to Metter, and borrowed my car. On the way back, one of my tires blew. So there was my poor husband, on the side of I-16, alone, with a shredded tire.
We hadn’t changed a tire on this car before. So Lee got out the instructions, but was a bit surprised when he read one of the first lines. “Remove the white gloves and place them on your hands.”
Oh yes, my Volvo comes with white cotton gloves. We can’t have the soccer moms and yuppies getting dirty!
And according to Lee, the gloves really were a welcome addition to the tire changing kit. They’re black and dirty now, but when Lee was done changing the tire he was able to slip them off and drive back home without feeling filthy or greasing my steering wheel. I think it’s hilarious. But I also find it to be satisfying proof that my Volvo is indeed unique. Over the top, maybe. Out of control, perhaps. But unique, yes.