Letter to Baby: Week 28

Hello little one! I’m so proud of you – today we’ve passed another major milestone. It’s the first day of our third trimester. Sometime in the next 12 or so weeks, we’ll get to see each other for the first time. Your daddy and I are getting very excited. I get nervous sometimes too – what do I know about caring for a baby? I can’t promise I’ll know what to do every time you cry, but I promise to love you and to try and be a good mom.
In the last 2 days, you’ve become very squirmy, which I adore. You still kick, but now you also roll around. Last night your daddy and I could barely sleep because as soon as I laid down, you started wiggling. When we put our palms on my belly, we could feel you flipping. You must know I’m thinking about you because you just did it again! I haven’t gotten tired of it yet, and I can’t imagine I ever will. Each wiggle makes me feel you’re okay.
In fact, I’m just so happy that you’re still growing and thriving, that I can’t be upset about some of the pains of pregnancy. My lungs are feeling a little crowded, most of my maternity clothes are getting too small, and I had a terrible leg cramp the other night. But all of those things are normal and mean you’re getting bigger and bigger, so in a weird way they make me happy.
Today, your daddy spent a long time rearranging our bedroom to make room for his desk and office stuff. That’s because his current office will soon be your nursery, and we need to start getting it ready for you. We also need a place to store all the fun things people gave you over the weekend. Nana and Granddaddy’s church held a baby shower for us, and people we don’t even know came to give you presents and tell us how happy they are that you’re coming. You are going to be one well-dressed little girl!
The baby shower experience seemed so surreal. I’ve been to, and hosted, several – but was overwhelmed to be the guest of honor at your shower. When it was over, and we were looking at all the baby gifts, it was hard to believe all these little things were going to be in our house. I guess through the whole pregnancy, there’s a part of me that has wondered if this can all really be happening. But those presents stacked up my dining room are real, and I could just sit and look at it all for hours.
Do you know who else loves you? Your grandparents. We had fun with them all weekend. Here’s your Grammy holding some of your clothes and imaging you wearing them:
We took a very pretty drive over English Mountain, and stopped on top for a photo. Here’s your Nana and Granddaddy and Daddy and me – they all had to have a hand on you so you wouldn’t be left out:
I’m going to get us ready for bed now. Happy third trimester day! I can’t believe the next milestone we mark will be your birthday. I love you, and I’ll see you soon.