Letter to Baby: Week 29

Hello sweet girl! Just look at how big you’re getting! We went to the doctor yesterday to get more pictures of you, and it was so much fun. They say you weigh just over 3 pounds, and that’s wonderful to hear. As much as I want to see you, I know you need to hang out in my belly for several more weeks. But if something happened and you needed to be born sooner, it’s a relief to know you are already 3 pounds of squirming baby girl.
The ultrasound was also fun because I got to see how you are positioned. I’d been feeling something hard at the top of my belly for a few days, and I wondered what it was (sorry about all those times I’d poke at you, I can’t help myself). Turns out, it’s your backside! Your head is down and the sonographer says you’ve folded yourself in half, with your little feet up by your head. You may flip several times before you’re born, so who knows what you’re up to now. But it was neat to get a peek.
And you did such a funny thing during the ultrasound. She was getting a closeup profile shot of your face (a lot like the picture above with your nose, mouth, and little hand), and you started opening and closing your mouth. Then you stuck out your tongue. But this was no simple gesture – you kept it out and waved it around for a while like the world’s cutest lizard. Your daddy and I are still laughing about it.
I was looking at some of our earlier pictures of you tonight, and it’s amazing how much you’ve grown. And I’m so glad. And you’re still wiggling a lot, which makes me happy. I had to sit through two meetings today, and I’m sure everyone around me probably thought I was depressed or asleep because I kept my head down so much. But I was actually watching you every chance I got – watching you squirm from one side to the other, then give me a kick or two.
Your daddy has been working so hard on your nursery. It used to be his office, and getting all of the office stuff out of there was a big job. Then he cleaned the room, and he’s going to paint it next week. I hope you like the color – it’s called Lovely Lavender, and I think it’s nice and calming. We also bought your crib, and I can’t wait to see it assembled in your room. Then I can’t wait to see you sleeping in it.
Speaking of sleep – that’s something you don’t like to do at night right now. Your daddy tells me that as soon as I fall asleep (which is pretty quickly), you start dancing and doing your acrobatics. He stays up with you for a while for some daddy-daughter time, and I somehow sleep through it all.
I’m so thankful for you, little one. I hope you have a good night with sweet lizard dreams. I love you very much.