Letter to Baby: Week 31

Hello little one! Are you enjoying your nap? I think you might be sleeping right now, after being wide awake for the last couple of hours. Your daddy and I went to see the X-Men movie tonight. The movie was okay, but it was very, very LOUD! I could only imagine what you thought of the whole thing. Everything I read says your sense of hearing is likely quite good and you probably pick up on a lot of outside sounds. From the first preview, you were kicking and rolling. During the really loud parts, I caught myself covering my belly with my hands, as if I could offer you some earmuffs just in case you were frightened. I know, I know, your mama is silly. Maybe you liked the movie and found the extra noise entertaining. I found you entertaining, that’s for sure.
You also entertained me earlier today during a conference. I was wearing a name badge on a lanyard, and it was just the right length that when I sat down, the badge rested on top of my belly. You were kicking and squirming, and quite often, kicked directly at the badge so that it would hop a little. I thought I was the only one enjoying the show, but afterward a co-worker came over and said, “She’s an active little baby, isn’t she?” And I’m so glad.
Today, our pregnancy hits the 31 week mark. I like this week because from now on, our due date countdown is in the single digits. 9 weeks! This weekend, your daddy really kicked the preparations into high gear. He finished painting your room, and it looks beautiful. Then he put together your crib!
I just love it! We had a hard time picking one out, because there are so many different styles and so many factors to consider. Did we want a drop side crib? A double drop side? A single hand drop side? A stationary side? A convertible crib? What color? White? Dark wood? Did we need one with a built-in plastic protector on the edges because some babies chew on their cribs?
But now that it’s assembled in your room, I think your crib is perfect. I love the color and the texture, and it seems safe and easy to operate. The dark wood looks nice against the light, lavendar walls. I can’t wait to see it with your bedding, but most of all, I can’t wait to see it with you in it. We stood in your nursery for a while yesterday, just looking around and marveling at it all. There is still a lot to do, but it’s unmistakably your room now. Your daddy got one of my stuffed animals out of the attic this weekend, and I put it in your crib. Fiesta the horse is going to hold down the fort until you’re ready to sleep in your new bed.
I stuck my head in your room a couple of times today just to make sure everything was still there and still real. Now that your crib is ready, I’m starting to get a little more impatient about your arrival. And a friend of mine went into the hospital tonight to have her baby – and while I’m very glad for her it makes me think about our birthday even more. But at the same time, I’ve so enjoyed having you with me all the time, and every now and then I get a little nostalgic. I know once you’re born, I’ll miss playing with you during meetings and taking you with me everywhere I go. But I’m very excited about all the new things we’ll share once you’re born – so keep baking in there for a few more weeks and we’ll make this transition together. Besides, I know lots of people are ready to meet you (especially your daddy), so I can’t be selfish and keep you all to myself.
So for now, sleep well, because I have another meeting tomorrow. I look forward to playing together then! Remember, you are loved very, very much.