Letter to Baby: Week 33

Hello little one! You’re still my little one, but you’re getting bigger all the time. We got to see you again yesterday in an ultrasound, and you’ve grown so much your whole head doesn’t even fit into the photo! The sonographer thinks you’re about 4 pounds and 4 ounces of squirming baby girl, and we were very happy to see you and to hear that you still seem healthy.
I was also happy to find out which of your body parts has been poking me in the belly button over the last few days. You must’ve switched positions recently, because all of the sudden, some sharp limb of yours began waving around my belly button. I was right – it’s your elbow! I just love it, because you’ll stick your elbow up and I’ll give it a little squeeze or a rub and you’ll wiggle it all around. Watching your elbow move is different from watching your earlier rolls and kicks. It’s just so well-defined, and so alive! And you seem to have a direct response most of the time when I play with your elbow, and I like imagining you’re aware someone is out there connecting with you. Who knows, maybe it gets on your nerves – but maybe you like the contact as much as I do.
You’ve also been getting the hiccups a lot more lately, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. I’ve read that fetal hiccups aren’t painful like adult hiccups – but I wonder, how does anyone really know? I just hope you’re still comfortable and that the hiccups aren’t bothering you too much. Your daddy feels sorry for you every time you get them, but the doctor assured us it’s actually a good sign that you have hiccups, so we feel a little better.
Could you sense all the love being sent your way this weekend? Those voices you heard were some of the people who love you already. They got together to give you all kinds of great presents, and to let your dad and me know how special you are. Everyone is very excited to meet you, and you were a sweet girl and said hello to your Aunt Erin and Anna when they wanted to feel you kick.
Your daddy and I also bought your rocking chair this weekend. It’s so cute and comfortable, and I can’t wait to rock you in it. Your dad and I both take turns sitting in it and rocking, just dreaming about you. Except I’m lucky, because when I rock, I’m already rocking you.
Time for bed. I’m looking forward to propping myself up with a bunch of pillows to get comfortable, and playing with your elbow again before we go to sleep. Remember, you are loved!