A Happy 5th Anniversary

I love to travel, and almost as soon as we were home from our honeymoon, I was already thinking about our next trip. We’ve spent anniversaries camping in the mountains, photographing glaciers in Alaska, or enjoying a museum in D.C. I always imagined we’d plan something really big for our 5th anniversary – like Italy. We’ve been talking about going to Italy for a while, and a 5th anniversary trip seemed like a good goal.
Instead, we are spending this very special day in Savannah, under orders from my doctor not to travel more than an hour and a half away. I think Italy would be out of the question.
But I couldn’t be happier. We’re grounded because sometime in the next few weeks, our baby girl is going to enter the world. No trip to Italy, no trip to the moon and back, could be as exciting. Or as appropriate. We exchanged gifts. I enjoyed the smell of fresh flowers on my desk at work all day. At 4 p.m. I called Lee and hummed the song that was playing as I walked down the aisle. I told him “I do.” Again. We had a long, romantic dinner. We told each other how lucky we felt.
There will be plenty of time to see Italy. Tonight, it’s more fun to spend our anniversary reflecting on our past, present, and future, and watching baby wiggle – a miraculous manifestation of our love.