Letter to Camille: Dedication Sunday

Hello sweet Camibear! I’m listening to you on the baby monitor as you try to go to sleep, but those hiccups are getting on your nerves. You were pretty sleepy tonight though, because you had such a big day!
This morning was your church dedication, and it was a very special morning. The pastor introduced you to the whole church, and your Daddy and I stood in front of everyone and made some important promises. We promised to love you, to create a good home for you, and teach you about our faith.
Through the years, I’ve watched other parents dedicate their children, and I’ve often thought about how wonderful it would be for your Daddy and me to do that one day. It was even better than I imagined. I was so proud of you as we walked down the aisle this morning, with Daddy carrying you in his arms. We dressed you in a beautiful pink dress with adorable little shoes, and you looked like an angel.
Everyone hopes their child will behave during a moment like this, and while we would’ve been proud even if you cried, we had no reason to worry. You were awake and content, and even cooed sweetly while the pastor spoke. Your Daddy handed you to Dr. Finley, who walked up and down the aisle with you so everyone could get a good look and you could meet your church family.
You seemed perfectly at peace, all bright-eyed and content as you surveyed the congregation. Dr. Finley handed you to me when he arrived back at the altar, and your Granddaddy came forward to offer a prayer. It was a very special prayer, full of thanks for you and all the joy and sweetness you bring to our lives.
This afternoon, your Nana, Granddaddy and Grammy all had to leave, and we were sad to see them go. But I’m so glad they were here for your special morning – our special morning. I love you sweet Cams, and I thank God often for you.