So Thankful

Who knew pink flamingos and Thanksgiving could go together so well? Lee, Cami and I returned early yesterday morning from a wonderful turkey day trip to Miami to see Erin and Dave.
It was the longest car ride Cami has ever made, and she did well. Probably better than the adults. We drove during the night to capitalize on her sleeping time, and that helped. Grammy made the trip with us, and was superb at calming Cami when the traffic on I-95 came to a standstill (the baby only likes the car when it’s moving).
It was so good to see Erin and Dave, and I think I like Miami a little more every time I visit. They live in a great neighborhood, and I enjoyed strolling along the streets and admiring all the flowers and trees in bloom. The tropical plants and palms make me feel like I’m in another country. A Caribbean country.
We had quite a Thanksgiving feast – turkey, sweet potato casserole (with toasted marshmallows on top, of course), green bean casserole, stuffing, fruit, and pumpkin pie. Miss Camille had her first bite of solid food on Thanksgiving Day, which seemed appropriate. She, however, did not enjoy her meal as much as we did. Photos to prove it are coming soon.
Despite all of the things there are to do in Miami, I think the highlight of the trip was hanging out in the house and playing board games. Thursday night and Friday night we played – nothing difficult, just fun, silly games. We laughed and laughed until I nearly cried, and it was nice to be together like that again.
I missed being with my side of the family too. I wish we all lived in the same city, but we don’t, so we do the best we can. I’ll be seeing them in just a couple of weeks, so at least I can look forward to that.
It was a good Thanksgiving. I can’t remember a time when I had more for which to be thankful. It was about this time last year we found out we were expecting Camille. I remember being excited but so scared at the same time, just hoping and praying for a healthy baby. This year, my heart and arms are full with a sweet husband, a precious baby, and loving family. I’m thankful for them all.