Camille’s Latest Likes and Dislikes, As Illustrated Through a Photo Montage

Likes: Feet
Within the last couple of days, Camille has discovered she has feet. Awesome feet. Today, nearly every time I’ve placed her on her back, her hands immediately grasped her toes. I can’t blame her. They are really cute feet.
Dislikes: Highchair
Now that we are feeding her some solid food, we’re trying to get her used to her highchair. We took this pic the first time we put her in it, and she looks so small and bewildered. We have to stuff blankets or pillows on either side of her to help her sit up, and she’s not crazy about it.
Likes: Dolly
It seems like just yesterday she could barely grasp her rattle. Now she is beginning to reach for things and just loves her dolly. Whenever I give it to her, she pulls it close and often buries her face in dolly’s soft fabric.
Dislikes: Eating Off a Spoon
This is a picture taken on Thanksgiving Day, as Camille ate her very first bite of solid food – some yummy rice cereal. She hated it. Oh how she cried. The good news is, she’s eaten pretty eagerly from her spoon the last two nights. However, she still gets impatient after the first couple of bites and is ready for the immediate gratification that comes from mom or bottle.
Likes: Reading
I have been trying to read to Cami since she was born, but whenever I’d sit in the rocking chair and pull out a book, she’d get fidgety and fussy. When Grammy was here last week though, she laid on the floor on a quilt with Camille and read books that way – and Cami LOVED it! I always thought she was bored with reading, but she just didn’t want to read in the rocking chair. Now, we read on the floor and she kicks and coos the whole time. This pic was taken in Miami just after we returned from visiting Erin at work at Sylvan Learning Center. Cami was so inspired, she decided to read Red Fish Blue Fish all by herself.
Dislikes: Seeing the World Through Rose Colored Glasses
When we went to Miami, we just had to take Cami’s supercool pink leopard shades. She didn’t appreciate it. One bit.
Likes: Snoozing with Mom and Dad
We like it too.