Month: March 2007

We, The Jury

Today I played a role in convicting a man. Tonight, he’s sleeping (or not sleeping) in federal prison. Even though I believe he is guilty, that’s still a strange reality. I got called for jury duty, and had… Read More


I wouldn’t have been surprised if, when I opened the front door of our house today, a team from the CDC dressed in white moon suits was busy putting biohazard signs around our front yard. Last Tuesday, Miss… Read More

Letter to Camille: Eight Months

Hello sweet sleeping bear. Where to begin? You are eight months old today (!) and each day you seem to be doing something new. You are such a sweet, loving baby – mostly happy, although I think your… Read More

The Luck O’ the Irish

There must be a four-leafer growing among the clover in our yard. It’s been a great St. Patrick’s Day weekend, and I’m feeling like a lucky girl. This is the first year I’ve been in Savannah for St…. Read More

Tales from Lake Wobegon

His voice is a smooth as melted milk chocolate, and has a gentle quality I find instantly soothing. Lee and I have been fans of Garrison Keillor for years, enjoying his “Prairie Home Companion” show on NPR. It… Read More

Busy Busy Busy

The last couple of weeks have been so busy, with plenty to write about. But unfortunately, that also means there was no time to write. I know I won’t remember it all, but in the last 20 days:… Read More

Happy Birthday to Him

Today is one of my favorite days of the year. It’s Lee’s birthday, and he deserves every bit of pampering I could possibly dish out. After a nice, home-cooked meal complete with our traditional birthday creme brulee, we… Read More