A Big Weekend

For weeks, Camille has been scooting around, sliding along our hardwood floors, pushing herself up into crawling position, then flopping back down on her belly again. But last Friday, her arms and legs finally got together and agreed it was time to crawl.
I was (and am) so proud of her! We were at Grammy’s house beginning our Easter weekend, and she was on the living room floor playing with some of Aunt Erin’s old toys. She was up on her hands and knees, and of all things, decided to crawl toward the dog. There was much shouting and clapping and general hysteria from us adults, and the living room looked more like a red carpet event as we whipped out the video and still cameras to document the occasion. (Click the play button to see the video)

What a sweetie. I’m proud of her for figuring it out, and proud of her for having the initiative to stick with it. She’s already crawling much better and faster, though you can tell she still has to think about the mechanics of it. But it won’t be long before it’s second nature.
Our weekend was wonderful. Saturday, Miss Camille got to dye her first easter eggs. Mostly, she observed and tried to chew on the crayons, but I think she had fun nonetheless.
Sunday, we went to Grandma Lou’s house for Easter lunch with the extended family and the annual Easter egg hunt. Even Camille carried around her little Easter basket and gathered some eggs (we might have helped a little…).
I think the egg hunt is going to become even more fun for everyone in the coming years. All the other children have gotten older – still young enough to hunt for eggs, but without the joyous abandon of their younger years. But now we have Camille and Ava, who is just 2 months younger than Cami.
Already, Camille and Ava bring so much fun to Grandma Lou’s. They were passed around and loved on all day. But my favorite part was watching the two babies play with each other. They spent a lot of time squealing, holding hands, gouging out each other’s eyeballs, and trying to eat each other. Good times. It’ll be fun to watch them grow and enjoy these traditions. And maybe even make some new ones.