My Super Power

As a child, the only explanation I could offer was that my mother had super powers. I was notorious for losing things, and often found myself frantically searching for a toy, a school book, my glasses, anything small enough to be misplaced. Just when I thought all hope was lost, when I was nearly in tears and my search had turned desparate, I’d ask mom for help.
And within minutes, she’d find it. Sometimes, it almost seemed she’d walk right to it as if drawn by a magnet. I’d feel a mixture of relief, gratitude, and awe. How did she do that?
It was (and is) her super power.
And I’m happy to say, she seems to have passed it to her daughter. Since Lee and I got married, I’ve been able to find many of his lost items. In the last 48 hours, I’ve come to the rescue four times. This infuriates him because he wishes he’d found his missing things. Or not lost them to begin with. But I like feeling needed, and each time, I feel my power growing stronger.
I call it my Super Echo Location Power.
It’s a nice power to have, because I get to swoop in after his search has grown desperate, and offer salvation. There are 2 key components of this super power. 1 – retrace your steps. 2 – this one is the most important, so I don’t want to write it down. A magician never reveals her secret.
Strangely enough, my super power doesn’t seem to work on me. I still lose things, and I still have a hard time finding them. But as long as my powers keep working for Lee (and maybe one day for Camille), then I’m happy.