Six years! 6! VI!
Saturday, Lee and I celebrated our six year anniversary. As I was looking for a good picture to accompany this blog entry, I realized we hadn’t taken a picture of just the two of us in a while. This is the most recent one we have. We took it ourselves – one of those where each of us holds one side of the camera and you just hope you’re aiming well. We have plenty of pictures of one of us with Camille, and several of the three of us, but not many of just the two of us.
I’m not complaining. This year has been wonderful, as our family grew from two to three. I love sharing marriage with Lee more than ever before, but now I also get to enjoy sharing parenthood with him. I adore him as a husband and as my child’s father.
But, we still occasionally need time to focus on just us. Which is why I was so excited that Grammy and Aunt Erin were in town Saturday, and agreed to stay with Camille while we spent the night out on Tybee.
We all went to the beach together during the day, and had so much fun. Camille really enjoyed crawling around in the shallow water that lapped up on the beach. She laughed and laughed when we took her into slightly deeper water and helped her jump over the small waves.
When the afternoon grew late, Alva and Erin packed her up and we said our goodnights. I was actually a little surprised that I felt sad as they pulled away. Lee and I have never left her with anyone else overnight, but we were still close enough to home that I didn’t think I’d feel Cami-sick. But I did. We both did.
But, I was still excited about spending an evening just focusing on the Ginger-Lee part of the family. We enjoyed a nice seafood dinner and spent most of the evening swinging in a hammock on the 3rd floor deck of our B&B. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, and a cool breeze was blowing off the water. The moon was bright, and the company was perfect.
These six years have been wonderful. Life has ups and downs, of course, but Lee is my constant. And I’m so glad he’s sharing his life with me and with our family. I love him very much.