A Visit from Aunt Erin

Camille got spoiled. I got spoiled. We all got spoiled when Aunt Erin was in town last week.
She came up from Miami and spent almost a whole week with us, and it was so great to have her here. We went to the beach, we did a little house hunting, a little shopping, and some good eating.
She and Alva were brave enough to try a new restaurant with us. I’d heard about it through a friend who said it was a quirky little place by the river where you can get good, fresh, local seafood. When we pulled up, I really began to have my doubts. The tin roof was rusting, the walls hadn’t been painted in years, and the building looked a little too at home next to the neighboring bait shop. It was hard to tell them apart. But the food was actually good, as was the service. We’ll be going back there again. Camille really liked the grilled cheese.
While Erin was here, we played a lot too!
I love this pic we snapped while playing in one of the playgrounds in Forsyth Park. We were lucky enough to be the only ones in it at the time. Camille usually only plays on the swings, because the playsets have always been crowded with older children who might trample her. But since we had this one all to ourselves, Camille enjoyed crawling through the plastic tunnel with Aunt Erin. The tunnel has little holes in the sides -perfect for taking a picture (or trying to grab the camera).
Erin fits into our home so effortlessly. Her visits always give me a glimpse of how great it would be to live in the same city, and makes me miss her more. But, I’m glad that despite the miles, we are still close in all the important ways.