I love aquariums, and I can only imagine how huge and exciting they must seem to a baby. Floor to ceiling glass, like the biggest TV they’ve ever seen, showing a brightly-colored, constant motion nature show.
Last weekend, we visited friends in Fayetteville, and made a trip to the Georgia Aquarium on Saturday. The crowds were huge, but the exhibits were awesome and worth the wait. Camille loved standing on the floor with her palms on the glass, watching the fish dart past.
And if the crowds became overwhelming, or slowed down our tour, she had Curtis and Ansley there to keep her company and give her kisses.
The aquarium was amazing, but was only one part of a very good trip. At home, I can’t really relax because we haven’t babyproofed our house yet – in part because of the impending move. But not only do Allen and Missy have 3 children, Missy runs an in-home daycare, so their home is the ultimate in kid-friendly. We didn’t even have to take a pack and play – they had a crib ready and waiting in our room.
It took me a few minutes to realize I didn’t have to chase Camille around the house. She was happy and safe even with me sitting on the couch with a glass of wine. And she had 3 other children there to entertain her and keep her busy. Zoe is only about a month younger, and the two were ADORABLE together. I hope to have some pictures of them to post soon. The trip really felt like a vacation. Allen and Missy are so easy going, and their home was a perfect place to relax, watch the babies play, and catch up with friends.
Then, we arrived home to another treat – a visit from Nana. Even though the timing was less than ideal for her, she made the trip down here to help care for Camille. We weren’t ready to send her back to daycare because of her diaper rash, so she got some good Nana spoiling. And I got spoiled too – my laundry was finally done, my belly was filled, and my dishes were washed. Nana left today, and we’re all moping. But the good news is, we’ll see lots of family and friends next week for the big birthday bash! I can’t wait!