Spring Cleaning in July

One day, if I’m lucky enough to be a grandmother, I hope I’m physically able to help Camille the way her grandparents help me.
Each time they visit, they swoop in and manage to take care of Camille, me, Lee and the house all at the same time. And then they thank us for letting them come visit.
We’ve had both grandmothers visit this week. My mom was here earlier in the week to watch Camille so she wouldn’t have to go to daycare with diaper rash, and managed keep Cami highly entertained while at the same time, doing 408,793 loads of laundry and cooking us dinner. Alva came this weekend, and we all did a lot of spring cleaning – including finally getting around to painting our master bath. We’re all tired, but I’m feeling much better about the house for now.
We did find some time for fun this weekend too. Yesterday was blistering hot, so we decided a trip to the neighborhood spray pool was in order. Camille loved walking back and forth through the arcs of water (holding on to my hands of course), and was especially excited when Grammy would swing her in the air through the stream.
Then tonight, Jayme and Jolene came to visit, and we finally got to meet their 3 month old, Lucas. He is so cute, but I was really struck by how small he looked next to Miss Camille. At dinner, while he wanted to be cuddled close to mom, Camille was busy eating pasta and talking and laughing and entertaining us all. When did she get so big?