She’s So Famous

When we were at the reading festival yesterday, a photographer from the local paper snapped a few shots of us. Camille, her friend Christina, Christina’s mom and I were sitting at one of the reading stations while two girls read “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.” I tried to persuade Camille to sit in my lap and listen to the story, but she’s used to having the book right in front of her. She wasn’t interested in listening from afar. So she crawled up to one of the ladies reading and pulled up on the lady’s knees so she could stand with her nose in the book. Since Christina was the only other baby nearby I didn’t worry about Camille blocking the view.
The photographer got our names, but she was taking a lot of pics so I didn’t have high expectations. But when I opened the paper today, this picture was on the front page of the local section along with a story about the festival!
The girls were busy playing together and not listening to the story, but their sheer cuteness was undeniable and obviously worthy of making the news.