Camille is Walking!

Every day Camille seems to be taking a few more steps on her own, and today she really started getting around on two legs. She’s still wobbly, like maybe there’s kahlua in that milk, but she’s figuring out this walking business. I’m so proud of her!
I got this video tonight as she multi-tasked: walking while eating an animal cracker.

Cami Walks! from Ginger and Vimeo.
It’s so cute to watch her trying out her legs. She still crawls a lot, especially if she has somewhere to go in a hurry, but she’s walking much more today than even yesterday. My big girl.
I also managed to get a photo of two of her teeth tonight. Unfortunately, she also had her hand up to her ear – WHICH IS INFECTED. AGAIN.
Monday, she didn’t eat well and started running a fever. I felt 99% sure her teeth were the cause (two new ones on the top seem to have cut through today), but decided it was worth my $20 copay to double-check. Turns out I was 99% wrong. One ear is infected, and the other had fluid building up and would be infected shortly. Fingers crossed the oral antibiotics work this time, and we don’t have to get the nasty antibiotic shots again. I feel badly that I didn’t take her to the doctor Monday, but at least we went. Thankfully, today she seems to be feeling much better. And just look at that little curl peeking over her shoulder on the left! Adorable.