Takes After Her Mama

I’m a sugar junkie, so I’ve tried to postpone introducing sweets to Camille in the hopes that she won’t follow in my footsteps. But I’m afraid she may have inherited her Mama’s sweet tooth.
At baby school, whenever a baby has a birthday, the parents usually bring in cupcakes for the class to enjoy. The cupcakes work well because at this age, only the birthday boy or girl can have icing. The other babies just get the cake. Here’s Camille smothered in icing during her baby school birthday party.
But apparently, she’s now on the hunt for icing. When her classmate Caleb turned one, the workers tell me she was seated next to the birthday boy as he was handed his frosted cupcake. But before he could taste it, she’d snatched it from him and crammed it into her mouth. Poor Caleb had to eat an icing-free cupcake while Camille enjoyed his birthday prize.
Today, another baby birthday and another attempt at icing thievery. Yikes! At least I can say my little girl is ambitious and willing to go after what she wants!