I can’t deny it. It’s cool to pull up to the tall downtown building, step out of the car, and hand the keys over to the valet. It’s flattering to have the lady at the front desk know your name and treat you like someone special. They’re perks of being part of the “The Club.”
But it also feels a little strange. Like slipping into some designer clothes that feel yummy, but a bit awkward because you don’t know if you even tied the sash right. You wonder if people can tell that you’re out of your comfort zone.
Lee and I recently joined one of Savannah’s private clubs. We joined it for business reasons. They have a great downtown location that can serve as a virtual office and meeting space for Lee until we can get him a proper office space somewhere. Free wifi, free coffee and snacks. Until now, Lee would meet clients in a coffee shop, which was fine, but meeting at “The Club” seems more professional.
While joining was a business decision (and expense), we might as well take advantage of some of the social perks too. They have excellent food, great service, and we hear they have a kickin’ happy hour. I don’t know how often we’ll use that because it’s not exactly kid-friendly, but I’m sure we’ll go a time or two.
As a “welcome gift,” we get several free meals at The Club during our first month. Last weekend, Grammie came to visit and volunteered to keep Camibear while Lee and I got to dress up and try out one of those free dinners.
It was an excellent evening. Piano music accompanied our meal, and I snapped this picture with Lee’s iphone as the sun began to disappear.
The sky was a deep blue, and the lights were shining from the buildings around us and on the square outside our window. We watched the horse-drawn carriages go by, and felt very “Savannah.”
I picked up little bits of conversation from the table next to us. They spent a good deal of time talking about the various features of their Cadillacs.
I don’t know if we are those kind of people. Were it not for the business advantages, we wouldn’t likely join a club like this. But for now, I’ll enjoy slipping on that upscale persona and trying to figure out which piece of silverware a proper lady would use first.