Fun With Nana

My mom left yesterday after spending four days with us – four fun days spent playing, laughing, and generally doing whatever Camille wanted to do. It had been 3 long months since mom had seen her. The last time she was here, Camille wasn’t quite walking. Now she rarely seems to stop.
I enjoyed catching up with mom, talking about everything and nothing, falling asleep on her shoulder on the couch. Mom and Cami had some time to catch up too, since mom was nice enough to get up with Camille and let Lee and me sleep in a bit. The girls reminded me of two kids at a slumber party. When Nana was fixing her hair in the morning, Camille wanted to get fixed up too, so they played dress up.
They went shopping. They went to restaurants. They went to the park. Saturday, we went to the local aquarium, and Sunday to the beach. It was a beautiful day – perfect for a walk along the shore. Which is exactly what Miss Camille wanted to do, as evidenced by this huge, open-mouthed smile.
And the two shared lots of hugs and kisses – especially sweet eskimo kisses like this one:
And it’s official: Camille loves her grands. More than just about anything (except cheese – it’s still #1). It’s been the same with them all – if they leave the room, she wails. If they enter the room, she’s done with Mama and reaching for them. But I understand. They are pretty awesome. I miss them very much.