Friendly Mom With Baby Seeks Same

I’ve said it before and it’s still true – I crave the company of other girlfriends with babies. The kind you can call up at the last minute on a Saturday morning and say, “hey – wanna bring your baby over for a play date?” I enjoy watching Camille play with other kids, and I like having a chance to talk to other moms, who always end up teaching me so much. I have a few friends like this, but play dates must involve long road trips or airplane tickets.
What’s infinitely frustrating is that I meet moms with kids all the time. Moms who seem very nice, who’s children seem well-adjusted, who seem like great candidates for a play date. I meet them in line at the grocery store, in the park, at the coffee shop – they’re everywhere! But then they’re gone, and as I push my cart away from the grocery store line I think how much I would have liked to exchange numbers. But I chicken out because I don’t want to seem desperate. I’m scared of rejection.
For months now, Lee has been threatening to get me “friend cards.” Kind of like a business card but for social settings. Something with my number that I could hand to another mom in case they wanted to try a play date too. Several times lately, we’ve walked away from a couple, and he’d inevitably say, “You could’ve given her a friend card!”
Well now, I really could. Because he had some made for me.
And they’re adorable. They are small – about the size of a half business card. There are a hundred of them, each featuring one of 30 different photos of Camille. Here are several scattered across our table:
Each one is so cute, so friendly and sure to make anyone smile. The pictures just might be effective enough as ice breakers that I could consider actually handing one out to someone. I mean, who wouldn’t want her precious picture, even if they never intended to call? On the side opposite the picture, the message is simple, “So nice to meet you!” Then it has Camille’s name and mine, and our phone number.
I really don’t know if I’d ever dare give someone my card. But I put a few in my wallet and my diaper bag just in case. Maybe they’d think it was funny? Maybe they’re looking for new friends too?
Even if I don’t distribute them, they’ll still be fun for me to keep. Lee was so sweet to order them, to comb through all the photos, to take on a project to help me connect with other moms. He’s a keeper for sure.