Starting My Third Decade Off Right

I spent my birthday weekend with Lee and Camille visiting one of my favorite families in the world, and it was a wonderful way to celebrate. I think the only person who may have enjoyed it more than me was sweet Camibear. The Valles home might as well have been Disneyworld (thank goodness Nikki and Andrew don’t charge admission, but maybe they should consider it!). New toys, two fun kids to play with – she was in heaven.
It’s also fun for me to see her tearing through other kids’ toys, because then I see what kinds of things she might like to have at home. But I was surprised by her favorite: a little plastic playhouse. Isn’t she too little to “play house?” I remember playing in one of those when I was much older, but apparently she needs one now.
Maybe she liked the fact that everything was kid-height. And ringing the doorbell on the playhouse was lots of fun too. She also liked the rocking-horse-on-springs way more than I thought she would. I think we can wait a little while to buy this for our house because she’s still a bit wobbly, but soon I have a feeling she’ll be ready to ride.
Speaking of riding ponies – I got to see Miss Nia take her first pony ride! The City of Winder was having an annual fall festival, and they had all kinds of fun things going on.
Cami and I rode the carousel. It’s been a while, and I have to admit I got all excited when the ride began. I mean, this is why we have kids, right? So we get to relive all the fun things children do, but under the guise of “doing this for the kids.” Camille seemed a little nervous, and spent most of the time watching the world spin while maintaining a death grip on my neck.
They even made me a birthday cake, complete with sprinkles and enormous birthday candles, which we tore into last night. Then, this morning, Camille slept in for two extra hours which was a terrific birthday gift. If this birthday was any indication of what I can expect from this next decade of my life, I’m in for a treat.